Traveling With Kids – Family-Friendly Destinations and Activities

Are You an Adventure Traveling Parent? Bringing Children on Vacation can be daunting at first, but with proper planning and creative activities it can become an unforgettable family trip experience!

Nothing opens children’s minds like traveling and experiencing different cultures.

1. Visit National Parks

National parks provide children with an ideal way to get outside and experience nature while learning fascinating facts about their surroundings. Mount Rainier National Park provides family-friendly activities year-round – from hiking and scenic drives, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, snow sledding and sledding! Mount Rainier is considered one of the most diverse parks in America due to its glacier-topped mountains, lakes, waterfalls, Pacific coastline and temperate rainforest – perfect for an exciting outdoor adventure for children of all ages!

Start off your visit by driving along scenic drives through Grand Canyon National Park, one of the seven wonders of the world, or Yellowstone National Park with your kids if they enjoy animals – both are excellent places for wildlife spotting safely from a distance – such as bears, moose and other forms of fauna; plus this park serves as an International Dark Sky Park so that everyone can appreciate starry nights as well.

2. Visit Theme Parks

Kids love theme parks for various reasons – be it roller coasters, splashing in waves or meeting their favorite TV characters – and as they get older they often want a say in planning their visit.

Preparing children for long journeys by including them in the planning can make them feel at ease, particularly on longer journeys when energy levels fluctuate. Maintaining bedtime routines may also keep kids happy and relaxed during travel.

Disney World features over 30 rides that do not require height requirements and two water parks, Hersheypark offers chocolate lovers plenty of sweet treats and rides, and Carowinds on the border between North Carolina and South Carolina offers thrilling attractions that appeal to older children, teenagers and adults.

3. Visit Museums

An outing to a museum is an invaluable way to introduce children to art, history and natural sciences. Interacting directly with art makes their experience more personal and helps ensure they remember it forever.

Many museums feature exhibits tailored specifically for children that feature activities like drawing and writing, I Spy and other interactive games. Furthermore, many offer family friendly maps, brochures and special events that can enrich the experience of visiting.

Take your kids on an educational field trip to the Museum of Broadway in Times Square, where they’ll discover theater history while going behind-the-scenes to experience what goes into putting on a performance. Brooklyn Museum features a Creativity Lab and “Meet the Museum” stroller tours while Metropolitan Museum of Art provides kids guides, family activity nights, and drop-in art workshops – so everyone will have plenty of educational options available!

4. Go on a Day Hike

Travel is an invaluable way to expose children to new experiences, but it comes with its own set of obstacles – regardless of a family’s age.

Start talking to your kids early about your travel plans so they feel prepared and relaxed on the trip. Discuss what will be expected at the airport, plane ride and final destination.

Allow children to choose some of their activities on long flights; this will increase engagement. NYC families could go hiking at Bear Mountain or one of several other family-friendly parks nearby.

5. Go Camping

Campgrounds can make for great family activities depending on your destination of choice. If your kids enjoy exploring ruins or hiking, selecting one close by would be ideal; otherwise if they enjoy boating or paddle boarding find one with access to water nearby.

Encourage your children to sit quietly at the campsite and create a sound map by drawing symbols or writing words representing different sounds they hear (bird songs, rustling leaves or flowing water). Older kids might like creating their own journey stick similar to how Indigenous Australians would use journey sticks during adventures.

If you’re planning a family vacation this summer, take advantage of 2024 travel deals to visit kid-friendly vacation destinations around the globe. Once there, simply relax and allow their imaginations run wild!

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