Adopting the philosophy of slow travel allows for deeper engagement with any destination, including interactions with locals, tasting authentic cuisine, and engaging in cultural activities. Experience rejuvenation while on vacation through exploring local parks or hiking a nearby mountain. This can also be achieved through spa services. Embracing a RelaxedContinue Reading

Hiking is a great way to improve your overall physical health. If a sense of accomplishment is important to you, consider challenging yourself with longer hikes and trails that offer greater elevation gains or distances. Certain hiking trails also feature historic and cultural significance that can offer a deeper appreciationContinue Reading

To develop a successful tourism strategy, it is imperative to understand the factors that drive travel demand. Tourism planning is the process by which a destination develops a vision for its future and prioritizes key goals for future growth. A tourism strategy must consider the public, private, and social componentsContinue Reading

Some of the most extreme sports in the world include skydiving, bungee jumping, heli-skiing, and surfing. Not all of these are as dangerous as they may seem. The X Games are just a small part of the world of extreme sports. But even these don’t measure up to the craziestContinue Reading

In the early modern era, inns began to serve the richer classes and their guests, and increased in size and service. In 1768, Exeter opened its first modern hotel. The primary purpose of hotels changed dramatically in the nineteenth century, when the Mivart’s Hotel in London opened its doors. ItContinue Reading

Ultimate Cruise Planner Review The Ultimate Cruise Planner is a comprehensive guide to cruise planning. It contains 47 pages of planning information including packing lists, to-do checklists, hotel and shore excursion planning forms, and more. The planner is available for download or you can print it out immediately after youContinue Reading