The Adventure Bag From Stubble and Co

Stubble and Co’s Adventure Bag is an incredible travel pack with 9 compartments designed to maximize functionality in a lightweight design weighing only 4 pounds-ish.

The clamshell design opens like a suitcase for easy access to all your gear, while still meeting most airlines’ carry on limits for carry on luggage. Furthermore, it comes equipped with compression straps so it can be compacted down when not in use.

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Made to pair perfectly with our 9L frame bag, this 9L storage solution makes it easy and secure to transport snacks, tools and electronics during day trips or adventure races. Simply fasten it securely using either straps or top tube accessory bolts (if your bike has them).

We love this clamshell-style travel backpack because of how easily and completely it opens, making packing and accessing gear much simpler. Plus, its trolley sleeve can accommodate some of our favorite travel backpacks while there are multiple organizer pockets inside for keeping things organized. Not to mention its lightweight build enables it to meet airline carry on specifications easily!

Laredo leather, known for its appealing appearance and long-term performance, makes this bag. We chose Laredo because of its appealing aesthetic and long-term durability; this durable recycled material can withstand cycling and outdoor adventures while remaining water-resistant with tough zippers. A stowable strap cover also comes included to prevent your straps from getting caught during transit.


No matter if you are traveling around Europe for several months or Asia for several years at once. This size bag will meet all your gear needs while still fitting within carry on size restrictions of most airlines.

Clamshell opening makes packing and accessing gear much simpler than with traditional backpacks, including secret valuables pockets, laptop padded compartments and a shoe compartment that keeps dirty trainers from mixing in with clothes.

Frameless design may take some getting used to and the main/large section has a padded laptop sleeve and water bottle pocket that take up space. When packed tightly enough, these bulky pockets may press into your back making the Adventure Bag less comfortable to carry; nonetheless, it remains an eye-catching piece that is both durable and functional.


Before traveling on any trip, weighing your gear can help you to decide how much to bring along and what can remain behind. A luggage scale or kitchen scale is useful in tracking each item’s weight for easy reference should any need arise for replacement items during your journey.

Travel backpacks that can be compressed will save space, making them the ideal solution for trips where not all your gear will be needed at once. This bag from Recycled Materials was specifically designed to be weatherproof – making it perfect for adventure travellers!

The clamshell design makes this bag easy to pack and access items, with multiple pockets – including one specifically for shoes – offering ample storage space. Perfect for hiking and camping trips alike, as it fits easily in most airplane overhead compartments; its only drawback may be tight pockets which might limit passport storage space.


The Adventure Bag exudes style and quality. A lot of thought was put into its design. Plus, at just 3.9 pounds (without waist strap), it meets airline carry on regulations while easily accommodating clothing for at least one week of travel!

It has a suitcase-style opening, which makes packing and accessing gear much simpler than with traditional backpacks. There are two sections separated by zipper-fastened mesh which help organize and separate gear, plus there’s an outside laptop sleeve which protects against theft as you pull it out quickly on-the-go.

Stubble & Co’s Adventure Bag is water resistant with sealed zipper seams, but if your adventure plans include frequent rainy outings then their lightweight storm cover could come in handy – it fits over your Adventure Bag easily and folds away into its pocket on the bottom.

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