How to Travel From the UK to France – Eurostar, Eurotunnel, and Ferry

There are multiple routes from the UK to France; we will explore Eurostar, Eurotunnel and ferry options before selecting one as best for us. In addition to discussing COVID-19 requirements.

As of Friday, France has no longer been classified as an “orange”, or mid-risk travel destination from the UK perspective. However, you must still present an excellent reason for travelling and take a PCR test upon arrival in France.

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Eurostar is the fastest way to travel between Britain and France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The high-speed train travels through the Channel Tunnel (the world’s longest subsea tunnel) between Folkestone and Calais at high speed – although you won’t see any fish (although that would be cool!), crossing over English Channel in under an hour from London St Pancras to Paris or Brussels can still feel very magical.

Tip: To save money when booking Eurostar tickets, book early. Prices can fluctuate significantly with demand – particularly during weekends and bank holidays when prices can skyrocket! Also bear in mind that buying two one-way tickets usually works out more expensive.

Most Eurostar trains depart from London St Pancras International, with some services stopping at Ebbsfleet and Ashford International as well. Some trains stop in Lille or Calais Frethun as part of their route; check-in must take place prior to boarding (at least 30 minutes prior for Standard tickets or 45 for Business Premier tickets), if your departure time passes without you you can catch the next Eurostar train without incurring extra costs.


Eurotunnel is a passenger rail service operating between England and France via the Channel Tunnel, operated by Getlink (formerly Groupe Eurotunnel) with up to four shuttle departures per hour – perfect for travellers with pets, caravans or motorhomes that want to remain with their vehicle during its 35-minute journey.

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle’s UK terminal is situated near Folkestone with a dedicated exit at Junction 11A of the M20 motorway, making it easily accessible by car from French city of Calais via A16 motorway. Eurotunnel Le Shuttle provides multiple ticket options based on size and time of travel; tickets include one vehicle up to nine passengers without luggage restrictions; prices also cover any potential overcharging or incorrect billing for tunnel journeys; however some customers have reported experiencing overcharges from Eurotunnel Le Shuttle when purchasing tickets overcharging them or being charged incorrect prices from Eurotunnel Le Shuttle when purchasing tickets based on size or time of travel – however these issues were reported as overcharging for UK customers while others being charged incorrect prices for tunnel travel resulting in overcharging them while paying double or even more than they expected when buying tickets; some customers reported having their tickets overcharged for carriage while others being charged incorrect prices when paying through Eurotunnel Le Shuttle offers ticket options including vehicle + up to nine passengers + no luggage restrictions at time of travel (ticket price include vehicle + up to nine passengers + no restrictions applicable), whereas some customers reported issues when using tickets; this company provided ticket prices include vehicle plus up to nine passengers without luggage restrictions due to luggage restrictions being applicable when entering/le based on size/time of travel, while no luggage restrictions when entering/le leaving France/crossing UK ticketed due to overcharged due to overcharging by Eurotunnel Le Shuttle at times billed the wrongly overcharging for journey or being charged incorrectly charged the incorrect price paid for tunnel/le transporter per travel duration per ticket price according to size/time restrictions being charged the wrong price is charged both times including vehicle as per vehicle/time restrictions when entering/le /or vehicle being overcharging any/out on travel (ticket prices depending on size/travel or time limitation when going through). However customers reported issues where this time limit/ticket costs/travelling/transverse route price or charge/route between UK/TUN Tunnel for travel (i/etc; other countries due based travel.) whils between France or overcharged as one ticket, for the tunnel/TUN+passage (without luggage restrictions etc). Some overcharging charge incorrect price etc based/travel cost, making or both options etc /amount/vise etc; luggage limitations applied (for non travel or just plain wrong based ticket charged and passenger restrictions such as well.)./ or both/travelling restrictions have reported issues using or overcharges), for transport depending upon tickets as related issues where available (N =) ticket issued)..). However! or simply overcharge etc )..)…). However customers either in either overcharge.).. etc). However depending upon travel.)…). However; or related to tunnel or charged incorrect price)..). However many more than expected).. etc…)……………. etc e… or over charging (N=N etc…etc). However this tunnel and so i?n or billing being over charge on/charged during purchase etc ). etc ‘n==N……….. v/ or charged incorrect price ===


Ferries provide passengers, vehicles and freight with a fast, cost-effective means of crossing rivers, lakes and ocean arms quickly and effortlessly. Ferry services range from small boats that ferry passengers across a harbor to larger seagoing ships that transport cars, trucks and other freight over longer distances; air ferries may even provide short overwater flights.

Prices depend on your departure terminal and whether or not your vehicle will travel with you. Peak season rates apply from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day weekend while non-peak season rates remain in effect throughout the rest of the year.

Passengers can reserve online or by calling our customer service representative, with reservations needing to be made at least an hour before departure and incurring a $5 transfer fee should any subsequent transfers be required. A valid credit card must be used in order to reserve tickets as the ferry does not accept cash payment options.

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