Cottages and Villas in Wellness Resorts

Cottages and villas at resorts evoke an exclusive sense of luxury. Each is thoughtfully designed with sustainability in mind to generate positive feelings that make guests feel relaxed and at ease.

Barnsley Resort offers an immersive Florida experience. It embodies all the charm and hospitality found across Florida while boasting over three thousand acres to discover.


Resort cottages provide an enviable sense of space. There’s plenty of room for everyone in your group to relax and make memories together during their vacation experience.

Modern cottages inspired by Connecticut stables feature open living areas with high-ceilings and Tennessee fieldstone fireplaces, an open living area featuring queen-sized bed, dining table and kitchenette that seats four. Furthermore, it boasts an expansive bathroom featuring a tub that overlooks forests and mountains for unobstructed views of nature.

Resort cottages and villas make an excellent addition to wellness resorts, thanks to their selection of amenities designed to promote holistic mind-body experiences, as well as their size allowing guests to fully immerse in nature. Furthermore, resort cottages promote sustainable travel which has become increasingly important among discerning travellers.


Resort cottages provide guests with a sense of seclusion not found at home or hotel rooms, enabling wellness travelers to escape from outside distractions and focus on rejuvenating themselves.

Resort cottaging is the latest trend in wellness tourism and offers travelers an immersive wellness experience. Dr Prem’s team carefully selects amenities and features in accordance with natural surroundings of cottages and villas, to meet wellness-based goals in an efficient manner.

Cottages offer cozy accommodations with traditional designs unique to each destination, typically consisting of a bedroom, washroom, kitchen/living space and small porch. Villas provide more spacious accommodations equipped with luxurious amenities that are suitable for larger families or groups; typically including larger gardens/pools/private entertainment areas/spa. Furthermore, wooden cottages often exude an alpine charm which are popular in mountainous ski resorts.


Cottages and villas within wellness resorts provide an exclusive sense of luxury that cannot be achieved with rooms. Their natural environment creates positive emotions that help relax and revitalize the soul.

These structures are often prefabricated, which helps reduce construction time on site. Their features may include open floor plans, vaulted ceilings, stacked stone gas fireplaces and hardwood flooring – creating the ideal retreat for couples, families or groups of friends alike.

cottages provide the ideal setting for relaxing mountain getaways and relaxing beach holidays, providing the ideal home base to discover local towns and attractions. Unlike hotels that require guests to purchase all food and beverages on-site, many cottages feature private kitchens which enable self-catering – saving both money and providing more authentic experiences for their guests. Resort cottages may even boast their own spa facilities for an ultimate restful and rejuvenating getaway!

Family time

Resort cottages provide you with a peaceful environment in which to spend quality family time. Plus, with no set check out time or check in deadline, they provide complete freedom.

Cottages provide you with the freedom of cooking your own meals, which not only saves money and time but can also promote healthier living! Cottages make your vacation experience both economical and satisfying!

Resort cottages that include special accommodations for pet comfort make it easier for families with pets to take part in wellness retreats without leaving behind their beloved animal companions!

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