The Youngest Person to Visit Every Country

The Youngest Person to Visit Every Country

Lexie Alford, a 21-year-old college student, claims she was the youngest person ever to travel to every state in the US. Although her achievement is still being validated by the Guinness Book of World Records, Alford states that she has been to 200 countries. She attributes this success to her love for travel and the simplicity of backpacking. She also stated that backpacking was the perfect escape from the college grind. So what did she learn while on her odyssey?

The three most important life lessons that lexie alford has taken on her road trip around the world are self-confidence, empathy and making it through each country without a care in the world. She believes that if you can do all these things and have a loving attitude towards the people you encounter, then you can definitely achieve anything. She made this belief a central theme in her book called “agosborne.” Alford wrote this book as an introduction to her own personal journey around the world.

Alford started her quest in 2021 with her senior year at college. She began with her parents’ journey, traveling from Portland, Oregon, to the Caribbean, then on to South America and Australia. Her goal was to complete a college education, so she accomplished this while traveling to almost every single country in the world. lexie’s undergraduate years also included trips to Nepal and Costa Rica, which helped solidify her love of the outdoors and her desire to accomplish something in life.

Alford finally started her senior year, and although she had not thought much about setting goals before then, she knew that she wanted to visit every continent on her global travel adventure. She reached her goal in the spring of her senior year and began working on her post shared experience. When she completed her post shared experience, she knew that she had reached another important step in her life. This was a great step because she now knew that she had become more than just a lexie, but that she was a lexie that loved traveling. Alford now felt that she was prepared for her first cruise as a young adult.

When she got back from her cruise, Alford decided that she wanted to go to North Korea. North Korea is one of the most mysterious places in the world, especially for someone who has not lived there for more than 21 years. However, according to Alford, once she arrived in North Korea, everything became clear and she was able to see that the country was actually very beautiful. North Korea offers some of the most beautiful sights and sounds that are only found in Asia and Europe. Lexie was able to witness the birth of the country’s first President, Kim Il Sung, and meet the man who would become his father.

North Korea is also visited by a lot of foreign tourists. For Alford, however, it was a once in a lifetime experience and she did not want to pass up the chance to share it with others. So, she decided that she would like to open a travel agency in North Korea. Now, if you have ever heard of a travel agency that is based in the United States or Canada, you might be wondering how it is that a 22 year old could open such a business in one of these countries.

Well, Alford had one strike against her. Unlike many people her age, Alford did not speak a single language. That is one strike against her. However, she learned English through an online course and through various other means including speaking with other travelers who also spoke English as a second language. Through this work Alford was able to communicate with a variety of people including two South Korean businessmen who were willing to buy travel tickets for their trip to the United States. After securing a package deal of more than $600 for their trip, the couple departed for their journey.

When they got back home, Alford immediately opened up her laptop computer and began studying. She studied until she became fluent in English. Then, she enrolled in a formal language class and became the youngest person ever to travel alone to all those different countries. When she returned from her trip in North Korea, Alford became so homesick that she felt ready to give up everything about herself. But, she did and now she is on her way to becoming the youngest person ever to visit every single country in the world.

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