Thailand Travel – Backpackers

Thailand Travel – Backpackers’ Paradise

Backpackers are the perfect guests for those who have just returned from spending time in tourist destinations. They provide their own accommodation and transport. Backpackers are like kids in that they love to travel. It is part of their human need to explore, discover and experience things around them.

Tourists who backpack usually visit the places at their own pace, so there is enough space for exploration without being hurried by tour guides and hotel staffs. They are like children when it comes to inquiring about places and facts they do not know. They can spend hours in the jungle or mountains without any one to guide them, just to satisfy their curiosity and thirst for adventure. So what does a backpacker do when in Thailand?

Well, aside from the usual necessities, backpackers can engage themselves in fun activities such as shopping, dining or sightseeing. It is usually the case that tourists and backpackers are on opposite sides of the street when in town. That is why it is easier for them to engage in conversations. That is also one reason why the locals of Thailand seem so friendly. If you are also planning to visit Thailand, be sure that you will experience and explore all its wonders while experiencing the unique Thai culture.

Thailand is not just a tourist destination for tourists. Although its beaches are among the best in the world, Thailand is also a popular destination for backpackers. Backpackers can easily find accommodation in the backpacker hostels, guesthouses and campsites. The tourists are not welcome to camp where they would need to pay extra fees to the government for camping. It is preferred that backpackers explore the local areas in their own way. For budget travelers, Thailand offers some cheap and comfortable accommodations at backpacker hostels.

Some travelers who enjoy backpacking trips prefer to go camping where they could stay for a couple of days. But it is important to respect the local culture of the place. When backpackers are staying at a guesthouse, they should never allow non Buddhists to stay in the same room as them. Otherwise, the owner of the guesthouse might be offended. In short, tourists and backpackers must have a good understanding of the Thailand culture.

The best time to travel in Thailand is the end of October to the beginning of November. During this period, Thailand hosts several festivals such as Songkran, Golden Triangle Festival, Songkran Festival, Loy kon festival, Khawai festival, etc. Traveling during this period is also an enjoyable experience as the environment is so clean, relaxed and friendlier with lots of tourists around. Other than being the most favorable season to backpackers, this is also the most expensive time to visit Thailand.

While booking for a backpacker’s hotel or backpacker hostel, tourists must ensure that the hotel or backpacker hostel has Wi-Fi internet access and has rooms with at least one and a half star rating. In addition, the room must be clean and well-equipped with basic amenities. It is also necessary to verify the availability of local transportation such as taxis, buses, trucks, bikes or motorbikes. Most hotels provide shuttle service to the tourists’ destinations, but it is necessary to book for transportation beforehand.

There are quite a number of backpackers’ destinations in and around Bangkok. Some popular backpacking destinations include Patong, Bophut, Chiang Mai, Nathon, Khao Suk, Patpong, Phuket, Koh Tao, etc. These places are also popular among tourists and backpackers. While on your vacation as a backpacker in Thailand, you can visit other tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. All this will add value to your Thailand tourism experience.

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