Quantum of the Seas – History and Vacations

Quantum of the Seas – History and Vacations

Quantum of the Seas is a brand new cruise line launched by Carnival Cruise Line. The company is part of a large consolidator firm called Carnival Cruise Lines, and it plans to combine the cruises into one mega franchise with all its products under the same roof. The name ” Quantum of the Seas” is taken from an old French word that meant “a needle of a sea.” As such, it is a service cruise in which passengers are “sucked into” the seas with a variety of onboard devices and amenities designed to help them relax while they are on the water. This article is a review of this newest offering from Carnival Cruise Line.

The Royal Caribbean is perhaps best known for its extensive indoor water shows, which currently have claimed the title of the world’s biggest aquarium and the second deepest underwater dive, but there is new fleet for the new Quantum of the Seas name. This cruise line will offer three ships with all the amenities and programs that are available on the other ships. On each vessel, guests will enjoy live entertainment and on-board dining, with an optional choice of on-board casinos. But it’s not just the gambling games that guests will be enjoying; the onshore casinos at each port of call offer both live and LCD gaming as well as fine dining. The ships also have onboard spas, so guests can relax after a day of pampering on the shore or get a foot massage.

There are also some unique onshore options at Quantum of the Seas. Guests who choose to dock at two 70-meter long, fully-enclosed pools in the ship’s hull can enjoy a unique dining experience. The “fish bowl” features a giant aquarium that seats up to three thousand guests, allowing diners to swim and eat together with the ship’s captain and first officer. Onboard staterooms offer spacious suites featuring two queen beds, a full size washer and dryer, a telephone, and a selection of comfortable guest room furniture. A bonus is that guests can use any of their rooms as an overnight accommodation, including suites with additional beds.

Many guests on Quantum of the Seas cruises will want to stay onboard to enjoy the many activities and clubs on board. The captains’ quarters has been designed with a cozy, intimate feel, and includes a large conference table where guests can meet and greet while aboard. Other stateroom amenities include on-board casinos, bars, shopping centers, spas, and onboard spas that offer treatments to improve overall health. At the end of the day, visitors will want to stretch out on deck and relax with a cocktail in hand and watch the sun go down.

For the second half of the year, the ships will make several short stops to the islands of Croatia and Jamaica. Each island offers guests a different vacation experience, from white sandy beaches, water sports, snorkeling, scuba diving, golfing, horseback riding, and fishing. Each island features different restaurants, shops, bars, and nightclubs, and guests can relax and enjoy their stay aboard Quantum of the Seas while on board. Two-day cruise trips are available, and most cruises depart from San Diego.

While Quantum of the Seas sails under the flag of Singapore, it’s easy to see that the theme of this ship and its sister ships are headed in the same direction. All three ships of the Quantum of the Seas sailing dates back to 2021. In that time, Singapore has seen some incredible growth. Now, the nation is quickly becoming one of the hottest destinations around the world, and sailing to the islands in Quantum of the Seas is just another step in that history.

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