Yom Kippur – The Special Holiday Of Israel Yom Kippur, also called the Day of Atonement, is the most important holiday for many Jewish Americans. On this day, the Jewish people are allowed to abstain from eating certain foods and celebrate instead by fasting and abstaining from sex. The mainContinue Reading

Celebrate Nowruz in Iran Nowruz, the Islamic New Year, starts on the new moon of spring, marking the beginning of Maspur, the Iranian lunar calendar, and marks the beginning of Ramadan, the sacred Islamic holy month. It is celebrated extensively around the world by different ethnic groups and often fallsContinue Reading

The Tradition of Festivus Festivus is an ancient holiday enjoyed on the first day of January as a break from the hectic season and the commercialism of Christmas. The festival of Festivus was born in Greece when the Romans celebrated the winter festival of Saturn’s birth. Saturn was the godContinue Reading