Camelback Resort Is North America

Camelback Resort Is North America’s Most Popular Ski Destination

Located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, Camelback Resort truly offers something for every visitor to experience. The resort town of Pisacota, North Carolina was named by the National Park Service as one of the Ten Best Places to Visit. Nestled in among the pine and maple trees, this historic town of Pisacota features over five miles of bike trails, numerous festivals, and fine restaurants. Here are some of our favorites:

The Aquatopia Mountain Park is located less than two hours from the Camelback Resort. Located on the Beargrass Mountain range, Aquatopia offers visitors a chance to experience nature at its wildest. Enjoy sledding, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, ice skating, hiking, cycling, and tubing on the gorgeous trails. The highest waterfalls in the area can be reached by a rented cable car. You will find picnic areas, bathrooms, shops, and cabins.

Just ten miles to the west of the resort is the historic Black Bear Mountain which is popular for winter attractions as well as day trips. The bear valley is also known for being the birth place of the pocono mountains. The main attractions include the Big Bear lake which is filled with over two hundred different species of migratory birds, Black Bear Mountain, the Upper Picnic Area, the Wolf Ridge Trail, and the Mountain Laurel Loop. Black Bear Mountain State Park is about an hour’s drive north of the town of Pisacota while the popular Black Bear Mountain amusement park is a few miles to the north.

Just north of town is the Mountain River Ski Resort which is conveniently located within walking distance to the ski resort as well as the shopping, restaurants, and lodging in nearby Pecos. There are two hotels in the area, one of them being the historic Pisacota Lodge. The indoor waterpark is one of the attractions in town and several golf courses are also located nearby.

Just south of Pecos is another great ski resort called South Fork Resort. This resort is the home of the worlds largest snow sculpture and is only three hours away from the town of Pecos. South Fork Resort offers lodging, dining, and all of the amenities you would expect from a luxury resort. Another great thing about this resort is they have one indoor waterpark that is located within walking distance to the various attractions in town.

To the north of Pecos is the Mountain River Ski Resort which is about one hour from the town of Pecos. This is the second largest snow sculpture in the country as well as an indoor waterpark. The ski slopes are unlike anything else in North America and visitors often leave feeling that they have never skied or snowboarded before.

If you are looking for the lowest temperatures of any area of the country this is the spot to be. Average yearly temperatures in Pecos are around fifty-two degrees with the winter months having temperatures as low as forty-one during the winter. The spring and summers are both warm enough to ski or ride, but not warm enough to do both.

Camelback Mountain Resort prides itself on offering “anything you want” including all of the above. They do not discriminate against skiers of any age or ability level and welcome people of all ages and abilities. In fact, many skiers make their way to Pecos each year on the same day their parents did to enjoy the slopes. Because of its unique atmosphere Camelback Mountain Resort offers some of the best skiing and snowboarding in North America. With the added amenities of an indoor ski or snowboard park as well as a variety of other activities on the mountainside, Pecos has become one of the most popular ski vacations in the world.

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