Atlas of Cursed Places, By: Nelly Langton

Atlas of Cursed Places, By: Nelly Langton

Atlas Of Cursed Places is an extremely comprehensive and at times bizarre book. Theatlas Of Cursed Places is the third in a series of books about haunted castles, ghouls, vampires, ghosts, and other strange places that call the attention of many individuals as they wander through the real world. Theatlas Of Cursed Places was co-written by Patricelli, an architect and urban planner. In this third book, he addresses issues surrounding the promotion of tourism in major tourist destinations around the world.

Patricelli starts off the atlas with a brief introduction about his fascination with the paranormal. He admits to being “addicted” to reading about haunted places and the strange characters that inhabit them since he was a young boy. He claims to have spent several years researching the supernatural for his own thrill junkies and then took the time to compile and design this unique travel guide. Theatlas Of Cursed Places is what might be considered a more intense and thorough version of a horror novel.

What makes Theatlas Of Cursed Places and the series of books it represents so gripping is the way Patricelli designs each scenario with his trademark style. After reading about some of the most haunting scenes in Theatlas Of Cursed Places, I was eager to find out just what happened to a particular local high school. I had heard so much about it from the news, but when I got my copy, I wanted to read it right away. If you have a tendency toward morbid fiction, you are likely to enjoy Theatlas Of Cursed Places and the series of novels it represents. Even if you are not into the supernatural, but still like to see the sights and sounds of the wild west or the paranormal realm, then Theatlas Of Cursed Places will prove to be an entertaining and thrilling read.

Theatlas Of Cursed Places is not just a travel guide. There are also several short novels in which the exploits of the book’s main characters are told. If you want a lighter, amusing read about a few historical spots, pick up Theatlas Of Cursed Places and visit the world’s most nerve-wracking locations. This is an exciting collection of true stories from some of the best authors in the genre. If you enjoy ghost stories, psychological thrillers, or historic romance then you will love this collection of entertaining yet informative short novels.

“Atlas of Cursed Places” is set in 18th century America in the sleepy town of Raton. Benjamin Franklin’s quiet, herb-filled alcove serves as the backdrop for this whimsical, beautifully illustrated, and richly written novel. The quiet alcove is actually a home to several underground burial sites dating back to Colonial days. When Franklin’s granddaughter rents an old cabin near the burial site of her late parents, they unwittingly unleash a blood thirsty monster that attacks the young woman, leaving her dead and presumed dead.

If you’re looking for a spine-tingling, suspenseful adventure with a dose of whimsy, pick up the acclaimed of the paranormal, thrilling adventure, “Atlas of Crushed Faces.” Author L. J. Libiran takes us into the dark side of a quaint old mining town where the dead come to lay dormant until the night when they rise again…to haunt the living. A trio of friends sets out on a daring sleuthing mission only to become trapped in a diabolical plot that involves the paranormal, the morbid, and a deadly array of grisly murder. If you want a ghost story with a touch of romance this is a must-read; if you want a spine-tingling, suspenseful adventure, pick up “Atlas of Crushed Faces.”

In “The Lesser Known Nevada Triangle, a Newlywed and a Killer Beesworth Follows” author Nelly Langton takes us back in time to an area of central Nevada where a newlyweds and their newly born baby are strolling through the dessert toward the entrance of a newly discovered hot springs resort when a car suddenly crashes into their path. Dressed for success, they regroup and make their way through the woods to the main lodge where they discover a saturn shaped like a shoe. What begins as a peaceful escape quickly evolves into a desperate battle for survival as the newlyweds battle insects, giant ants, and other denizens of the woods – as well as each other – as they try to survive a plane crash that kills their rescuers.

The novel begins in the sunny west of Nevada where Anna and Michael Sander are visiting from their home in Los Angeles. A strange, vivid dreamscape transports them to a small southwestern mountain town called Atlas of cursed Places where they meet a curious tribe of locals who call themselves the Blackfoot tribe. Describing their lives over a period of several months, the book alternates between long conversations between the two friends and descriptions of their surroundings. The lesser-known nevada triangle, in which dozens of commercial flights have mysteriously disappeared, is also described in fine detail, providing another colorful locale for the tales told by the main characters in this novel.

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