A Review of Symphony of the Seas and Its Ships and Programs

A Review of Symphony of the Seas and Its Ships and Programs

The luxurious, spectacular symphony of the seas is once again beckoning the guests to come aboard. Sailing out of Miami, the symphony of the seas is relaunching charter service for Royal Caribbean Internationalwith a seven-day cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. Royal Caribbean Cruises will take you to destinations like St. Lucia, Antigua, and Barbados. Each day in the Caribbean, at ports all along the line, will offer new exhilarating adventures and memorable experiences for all our guests.

The latest in Americana, the symphony of the sea is a celebration of the high energy, liveliness and festive nature of today’s modern world. This is a one-of-a-kind ship that celebrates America and the dream of freedom. At seven days, seven nights, and eleven days of sailing, guests will be treated to an itinerary that takes them along America’s favorite seaports and showcase unique harbors and islands. The newest boat, the Symphony of the Seas, is the largest cruise ship ever built. When it sails under the flag of America, it will celebrate its 75th year of delivering passengers and adventure to places where the American spirit lives.

In twenty one months from now on board the Symphony of the Seas as scheduled, America will once again sail proudly under the banner of a world-class cruise ship. The Symphony is the first ship in history to sail from Boston to San Diego and on to Bermuda for a total of ten weeks. During this maiden voyage, guests will experience a variety of ports including San Diego, Maine, Cape May, Key West, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Key West, Florida. It will be a first cruise ship trip for most travelers and an amazing journey to remember.

The last refurbished symphony of the seas ship has been in the dry dock for five years since its last refit. It is scheduled for another refit in fall of 2018. This time around, it will carry the new motto, “The Symphony of the Seas offers passengers and visitors a chance to experience the magic of America’s greatest ocean port.” That’s quite a statement and one that I think will be backed up by the many comments from guests who have seen it. It certainly did for me. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had on a cruise ship.

With a crew of more than two thousand, the symphony of the seas boasts the fifth-longest continuously running unmanaged ship in the world. Each day, guests are treated to music, comedy, special events, and the chance to socialize with some of our most well-known and popular guest speakers. The ship also boasts the world’s largest swimming pool which is filled with over three thousand gallons of water, allowing our guests to lounge in comfort as they enjoy their time on the vessel.

Every night, guests can step onto the deck of this lovely cruise ship and take in a concert of the highest quality. The concerts themselves stretch over four hours and are a wonderful way for passengers to relax and enjoy the evening. Throughout the evening, symphony-style lighting will illuminate the stage and provide an atmosphere of romance and wonder. Every night, the music fills the ship with a mood of wonder and excitement. Each day, different programs are featured which range from the daily parade of songs to special engagements and events.

As it is now, the Symphony of the Seas will be celebrating its twenty- ninth year as one of the largest cruise ships in the western hemisphere. During this time, it sails regularly between Key West, Florida and San Diego, California. It makes several ports each year and provides entertainment and education for hundreds of passengers. Now that it is finally here, I want to share my experience aboard the ship to those who would like to learn more about the experiences this ship provides.

When you dock at the Royal Caribbean International port in Miami, you will notice that much of what was used on the original ship has been retained. The dining room, staterooms, and other areas still have their original furnishings and decorations. However, the newest addition to the ship is the salon where travelers can get their hair done, have their nails done, and tanning under the sun. The staterooms also feature larger sun decks and a wider selection of delicious cuisine from all over the world.

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